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Unlock the power of education with Tech Ease. Experience personalized learning, user-friendly tools, and endless opportunities for growth in the digital era. Trust in our expertise to guide your educational journey, conveniently delivered right to your home.

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One-on-One Training

Learn tech the easy way. Get hands-on training for today's devices and software, from basics to advanced, with our friendly experts by your side.

Parental Controls and Family Sharing

We help parents protect their kids online. Our experts guide you through parental controls, Family Sharing, and safe digital habits for a balanced and responsible digital environment.

Online Safety and Privacy

We protect your privacy and keep you safe online. Learn to secure your Apple devices, safeguard personal information, and navigate the digital world with confidence. Don't let technology scare you – we're here to empower you.

Accessibility Training

Our Accessibility Training helps people with disabilities use technology. Learn about screen readers, communication tools, and adaptive techniques to empower and include everyone in the digital world. Let's make technology accessible for all!

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Tech Ease Retainer Service

Don't miss out on valuable tech support with our retainer service.

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Success Stories

William Knoff

"Tech Ease's customer service was world class! I was worried about not understanding, but Mike's patience and guidance made all the difference. Don't miss out on this invaluable support!"

Linda DelDucca

"I can't thank Tech Ease enough! With my poor eyesight, I struggled to use my device. They helped me learn about accessibility, and now I navigate with ease. Truly life-changing!"

Michelle Kahn

"Tech Ease has been a lifesaver for me as a mom. They helped me stay one step ahead of my kids, ensuring they grow up responsibly in this digital age. Thank you for the peace of mind!"

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Don't let a physically damaged or hardware-failed device hold you back. Our in-home repair service empowers you to order eligible out-of-warranty parts independently. Skip the chaos of malls and stores, and regain control of your device's functionality right at home.